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Welcome to the Ghetto


Ye Olde Ghetto
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This community is for the purpose of not spamming the Friend's Pages of the Ghetto members... so if you're not one of us, please don't join. I'm leaving the joining bit open in case someone wants to join while I'm away, so I'd appreciate it if random people didn't abuse the privalege. Thanks.

Due to the random joinings of non-Ghetto types I've closed the membership to the community. I'm not forseeing this being a problem since everyone from YOG is already a member. I also deleted the non-YOG people, just so you guys know. I didn't recognize their usernames so I'm guessing they were just random people, although why they wanted to be a part of the community, I have no idea.

To you Ghetto peeps, I've gotten some complaints about the spammage of DnD posts in my personal journal, and so have created a community to post these in. Stuff posted in here should be about DnD, planning get togethers, etc. This may also be a good place to post about any drama in the group, because I know we really spam the pages sometimes when all ten of us post about the same thing. Yeah.

Anywho, enjoy! If anyone has any questions, just email me or something.

<3 always,